BJJ and No Gi Submission and Escape Matrix

Below is a list of techniques common in Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling. When I first started out one of the biggest problems I had was remember all the techniques I had acquired and when to try each technique when sparring. I made a breakthrough. A simple one but one that made a HUGE difference. I started by writing down all my techniques, and rating them on which I was the most successful at. After that I started putting them into the context of when and where can I use it. Is it best used from the top or bottom position, is it best used at a 90 or 45 degree angle. From there I made this basic list and started reviewing it before and after practice.

The results were AMAZING, I started actually landing things before I had only drilled, I wasn't grasping for straws anymore, I had a plan, and all of a sudden pieces of my game started falling into place and the holes I didn't even address. This will not cure all your grappling problems but I can GUARANTEE if you use this method for just a week YOUR GAME WILL IMPROVE!!!.


Ø Back/turtle

1. Lion Tamer choke (Rear naked choke 1)

2. Short choke (Rear naked choke 2)

3. Armbar

Ø Mount

1. Armbar

2. Americana

3. Fist choke

4. Head and arm choke

5. Psycho choke

Ø Knee on Stomach

1. Neck crank

2. Forearm choke

3. Near armbar

4. Far armbar

5. Chicken wing

Ø Cross body

1. Chicken wing

2. Straight armbar

3. Americana

4. Knee bar

5. Toe hold

6. Threaded chicken wing

7. Wrist lock

8. Fore arm choke

9. Trey special

10. step over head into armbar

a. if he pushes the leg switch to triangle

Ø Head and arm

1. Fist Choke

2. Armbar

3. Chicken wing

4. Americana

Ø North and South

1. Trey Special

2. Chicken Wing

3. Neck Crank

4. Fist choke

5. Head and Arm choke

6. Armwrench

Ø Guard

1. Armbar

2. Triangle

3. Oma Plata

4. Wrist Lock

5. Fist choke

6. Baseball bat Gi choke

7. Chicken wing

8. Guillotine

9. Hip bump sweep

10. Scissor sweep

11. Head and arm choke

12. Squeezing the Bread

13. Armdrag to Americana

14. Duckunder to the back


Ø Mount

1. Umpa

2. Hydraulic

3. Pull guard

4. Backdoor escape

Ø Back/Turtle

1. Put my back on the ground

2. Remove the hooks and go face to face in his guard

3. Tripod w/ head crush

Ø Cross body

1. Hands on close side

§ Put pressure on his head, slide towards the opening, try to get in a straight line and bridge to knees facing opponent (watch out for choke)

2. Far hand underhooked with shoulder in face

3. Far hand underhooked with forearm in face

4. Hands on hips for North and South

Ø Head and arm

1. Grab around bridge and roll

2. Duck out the head and take the back

Ø North and South

1. Lock the wrist and roll

2. Spin to guard

3. Insert hooks and take the back

Ø Guard

1. Stuff the head and stand up

2. Hip bump sweep

3. Scissor sweep

4. Duck under to the back

Ø Leg locks

1. Separate knees pull on the elbow with the leg and the head to prevent extension

2. Post and hop over the knee to mount